What do you know about earwigs?

      What do you know about Earwigs?       


Contrary to popular belief, these insects do not crawl into peoples’ ears. If they do, it is on an exceedingly rare occasion. Their name is translated from Old English origin, ear wicga, which means ear wiggler or ear creature.


Are they common in the household?

There are 22 species of earwigs and about 4-5 of the 22 are household pests. So, they are mildly common.


How can you prevent or eradicate an invasion?

To prevent or eradicate an earwig infestation, it is important to treat/target places that are dark, cozy shelters. You also want to treat for centipedes and spiders, if you have an earwig invasion, as these pests feed on earwigs.

Commonly used applications that treat earwigs are as follows: permethrin, esfenvalerate, bifenthrin, pyrethrins, carbaryl, malathion, and azadirachti.

The pesticides mentioned are heavy duty and potentially harmful treatment options if not handled properly, so it is important to ask your local pest control company for help with earwig control when needed.


Now, sleep more sound!

Hopefully this news will allow you to sleep better at night; I can’t speak for the bedbugs though. Those are a very real problem that we can talk about on another day!!

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