Termite Removal in Maryland

Termites have rightfully become one of the most frightening types of pest infestations a person can experience in their home. Termites do more than six billion dollars worth of damage every year in the USA. That is why banks require a termite inspection prior to refinance or selling your home. Triangle Home Services has what it takes to eliminate this threat from your property.

Your home owners insurance will not cover for you for termite damage because they feel there are two kinds of homes – those with termites and those that will eventually have them. 1 in 30 homes have termites in them right now. With our termite removal service you can keep your property properly protected from these terrible invaders. Our veteran and locally-owned pest control company’s termite control service is second-to-none when it comes to eliminating this threat to your home.

The Threat of Termites to Your Home

Termites are tough, determined, and highly efficient. According to the National Pest Management Association, termites cause millions of dollars in damage to homes in the United States every single year. These subterranean termites live in colonies below the soil surface and are constantly foraging for cellulose-rich material to eat. Unfortunately for homeowners, termites aren’t able to distinguish between the wood in their homes from the wood in the forest.

It is important for you to remember that just because you have never seen termites in your home that it doesn’t mean your home is free of termites. These crafty pests use mud to construct tube-like passageways leading from their colony in the soil to the wood in your home. This allows them to feed below the surface of the wood, which renders the vast majority of their work invisible to most homeowners.

When you utilize one of our termite control programs, one of our owners will come to your home and evaluate its unique construction and environmental conditions. Based on this careful inspection, we are able to create a termite management plan that is tailor-made for your one-of-a-kind property.

Termite Control & Termite Inspection Services

termite damageTreat your home against wood-eating bugs with speedy termite control from our pest control company. We offer advantageous termite inspection and extermination services for all of our residential and commercial clients so they can keep their properties nice and safe. We pride ourselves in being able to go the extra mile for you to keep your property safe from troublesome pests.


Termite Removal & Inspections for Real Estate Needs

Do you own a property you are looking to sell? Maybe you are a homebuyer interested in a new house? In either situation it is important for you to have your property properly inspected for termites and other pests. Our on-call real estate pest inspections are available either same-day or next-day by request. Ask us for a free estimate.


Contact us when you notice termites in or around your home. Our termite control services are available to customers located throughout the communities of Frederick County, Montgomery County, Howard County, Carroll County, and Baltimore County, Maryland, as well as the surrounding areas.