Bat Season!!!

Let us Talk About Bats Since Bat Season is Here!

Bats make habitat of a person’s property to feed on flying insects. Mosquitos, stinkbugs, and moths are popular bugs within a bat’s diet. They also are drawn to properties that have less sound. More sound means more interference with their echolocation. They use echolocation to find food/flying insects since they are blind. Bats are most often found in a person’s attic, cellar, or walls; they are able to enter through the smallest of cracks/crevices.


If a bat finds its way into a common living space within your home, here are a few things to remember:

-Bats fly in a U shape, generally.

-They will try to cling to any bars of ledges in the room (curtain rods).

-Try to avoid being bit, they do carry rabbis on occasion.

-They fly from mid room height to ceiling height.

-They are handled best with leather material gloves.

-Once they are on the ground, they cannot take flight.

Seek medical attention immediately if a bat bites you, to reiterate, as they may carry rabies.


To avoid the presence of bats in your home, do these things:

-Treat for flying bugs/insects with a repelling application or via professional pest control services.

-Have a professional pest control services evaluate your home for entry point vulnerabilities and allow the pest control company to seal those entry points.

-Consider purchasing an echolocation disrupting device if you live in a quiet area.


Bat season is here, friends! Be sure to protect your home from a bat infestation; call your local pest control company today!!